Korean researchers said the World Cup Korea women more easily through the judicial examination

quadrennial World Cup, in addition to allow worldwide fans crazy, actually there is an important role — pass the exam for the South Korean female judicial officers to provide more opportunities.Fitted hats wholesale

Korean Christian Broadcasting Corporation “website reported recently, Seoul National University Professor Pu Zongxi Andrew Martin, a professor at the University of Washington published a joint entitled” Red Devils rich Korean legal profession, “the paper. The paper said, almost every time, the time of the World Cup held in June each year to the second round of the Korea Judicial Examination written test date overlap. Men are more obsessed with football, the their examinations input affected, allowing women a better chance of harvesting the fruits of victory.cheap fitted hats

Judicial successful candidates in 1996-2011, especially 2006 and 2010, the number of women who pass more than other years, respectively, 375 and 338. It is understood that the judicial examination in Korea, there are about 1000 qualified places, and this number is decreasing.Cheap OBEY Snapbacks

U.S. restaurant sold the most expensive Hamburg asking price $ 500 materials is extremely elegant

A restaurant sold the world’s most expensive Hamburg

Asking price of $ 500 extremely elegant use of materials

A U.S. launch a price of $ 500 hamburger restaurant. The restaurant explained that the pricing is so high is because of the extremely elegant use of materials, including white truffles and Kobe beef.cheap snapbacks

Price $ 500 hamburger from Beverly Hills, California, Beverly Hills, (also translated) the avalon hotel’s Oliverio restaurant, creative chef Mirko Pa on behalf of Nagorno the.

12 ounces (340 grams) sandwiched between Hamburg do Kobe beef patty, looks quite thick. Patty covered with a layer of truffle flavored cheese, the top 2 ounces (57 grams) fresh white truffle flakes.Snapbacks for cheap

The truffle is a natural fungal plant that grows in the ground, not easy to find, together with a few origin, and therefore worth a lot of money, 1 grams of high-quality truffles priced at more than $ 150, known as “Diamond on the dining table. Hamburg, other raw materials Kobe beef per kg price of $ 396 to $ 528, is also recognized as the luxury ingredients.

Beverly Hills, high-priced Hamburg in May last year, by the creation of a restaurant in New York City, USA the most expensive Cheap Last King Snapbacks world record far behind.

Manhattan, New York City restaurant in May last year launched a price of $ 295 in Hamburg, the selection of ingredients including truffles and caviar. The sale this Hamburg with a diamond from the hands of the well-known jewelry designer gilded toothpick. Sale of Hamburg proceeds to be used to help the homeless in New York.