“Sports Illustrated”: Kee Chinese diving team, water samples for Love

The day of the opening of the Shanghai World Swimming Championships, Wu Min Xiafrom the very early. Morning slightly lights up when she opened her eyes and quietly out of the window, the hustle and bustle of the metropolis has not yet begun to operate. She lay in bed, thoughtful, vaguely hear a few early morning exercise sound selling sound and old people in the park, familiar atmosphere crawl into the house, she was very excited, she went home.

She returned to the students raised her to her city, this city is also proud of her. Children of the Shanghai Sports School to practice diving from very early on, ready to start entering the water training, museum hung Wu Minxia photos on the Athens and Beijing, two-time Olympic gold, when looking at them through the line of duty, his eyes wide open. like looking for hope.

Home of the organizing committee she and He Zi partner of the Women’s 3m board on the first day of the Chinese diving team to grasp the gold one, has long been sold out of the finals that night. Even the morning’s preliminaries tickets only a few, Shanghai people from Wu Minxia.

She was born, and looks, such as dolls sweet, cute, family members call her “sister”, screamed for a long time, “sister” became her nickname. In the past, standing beside Guo Jingjing , her hiding Since then, no sound, without a word. Guo Jingjing and luxury, scenery, low-key, fresh and “sister”.


Her achievements and He Zi from the first jump of the preliminaries, leading the way, the afternoon finals, their last one pair of appearances, each round of action with the preliminaries, the two peace of mind, the state adjusted to the best from the side to enjoy. air posture and into the water like a person to complete. Last dive, they chose 205B , this action has been the soft underbelly of He Zi, her into the water spray is somewhat large, the synchronization and completion of quality opponents elusive and in the end they took off the first gold of the world championships with a total score of 356.40 points.

Red gold successfully sounded the horn to attack by the Chinese diving team, gold medal of the division in Shanghai for the first time swept all ten gold medals in World Championships, so that a perfect, Wu Min Xia also completed a magnificent turn of life.

Double 3-meter titles and captured after the 7th day, she ushered in a single 3-meter. Sigh said to people, only got 2 silver and 1 bronze in three World Championships in 2003, 2005 and 2007 champion natural Guo Jingjing. 1-meter, Wu Minxia also had three silver medals, has missed the gold medal and world championships in a single project. Weather, geography and people and sitting in Shanghai, only to be proven himself capable of.

This time her opponent into a double jump of the partner, competition in the Guangxi girl He Zi, two people entangled from the preliminaries to the finals. The final jump, He Zi, with excellent 107B, ranking among the first in the third jump she made ​​a mistake, Wu Min Xia able to overtake.The last action, what position to play a perfect beat Canadians Abel, to ensure the gold medal is not sidelined. The title fight will commence between Wu Min Xia and her sister, Shanghai, passing the gold medal for five consecutive years can turn things around?

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Rivers complained that referee black and green military official: the recognition of 5-6 miscarriage of justice

RUTHERFORD FRANCISCO, June 1, 2007, the arena of the NBA microblogging ) there is absolutely fair? Generals eyes of the Celtics certainly do not think so, because in the end of the two Eastern Conference finals, many of the controversial nature of the penalty and the beneficiaries are the Heat , which makes the Eastern Conference finals conspiracy theory Snapbacks cheap surfaced.

In the second game, the Heat won the 47 free throws, the Celtics only 29 times, to know that LeBron – James, a fined 24 times the ball. “In addition to the opportunity to say half and half, you can think of a better word? LeBron him a penalty of 24 goals, and our team add up to 29 times, you can no longer list the other Data ah? “Celtics coach Doc Rivers complains.

“Look at Pierce ‘s sixth foul, he is to stop the offensive, but the action looks relatively large, but we have no alternative but to continue the game, I kept telling my players to appease them. We will not to be distracted by these things, have come, we must not be affected in the next game, “Rivers said.

Even in the first game seemingly fair, although the Miami free throw only lead to 23-21 a little, but the referee whistled the Celtics a lot of technical fouls, 59Fifty Fitted Hats most of which is unwarranted.

Overtime yesterday, Rondo layup of a critical moment Wade photographed face, but the referee turned a blind eye, “it is clear that the free-throw opportunities.” – Ray Allen said.

“How can we do?” Celtics general manager Danny – Angelina utterly helpless, he found after the game, the NBA referee in charge of officials Joe – Bo Jiya. After watching the second game of video, Bo Jiya also admitted: “We missed the 5-6 whistled.

The second race ahead of committing to full graduation Pierce refused to make any comment to the referee, but was told Rivers Comments Pierce helpless smile: “Maybe he can be on the sidelines to see more clearly, I know in the game most anxious, and his teammates are most in need me, I do not on their side. “